Easy Tricks to Remove Indelible Ink from Your Nail: A Post-Election Dilemma

In a democratic nation like India, the significance of voting cannot be overstated. The indelible ink mark on the left pointer finger symbolizes the empowerment and pride of every citizen. Many have shared images of their inked fingers on social media, highlighting the importance of preventing electoral fraud like multiple voting. It’s essential for citizens to exercise their voting rights responsibly. Removing the ink before the voting process concludes is against the law and should only be done after a few days.

Unlike regular inks, indelible ink is not easily removable. Manufactured solely by Mysore Paints and Varnish Limited, a government entity in Karnataka, it is specifically formulated to resist cleansing agents and can remain visible for up to seventy-two hours after application. The ink’s quality improves with higher concentrations of silver nitrates. Additionally, alcohol is added to facilitate quick drying. Introduced during the 1962 Lok Sabha elections, Indian-made indelible ink is now exported to over twenty-five countries worldwide.

While the mark is typically placed on the left index finger near the nail, some individuals may have allergic reactions to the ink. Moreover, those who prefer well-manicured nails may find it inconvenient, as the ink takes time to fade. If unable to remove the ink after seventy-two hours, several methods can be attempted:

Nail polish bleaches, containing acetone, can be applied gently using a soaked cotton ball.

Antibacterial wipes, readily available in stores, can effectively remove the ink after dipping the finger in a bleaching agent.

Mild dish-washing liquids can be applied and gently scrubbed using a sponge before rinsing with lukewarm water.

Hair removal creams can also be utilized by applying over the ink mark and wiping off after three minutes with a cleansing water-soaked cotton pad.

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