IMD Issues Warning for Rain, Thunder, and Lightning in Kerala

The Central Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued a warning for Kerala, forecasting the possibility of rain accompanied by thunder and lightning from today until May 5. While an orange alert for a heatwave in Palakkad has been lifted, yellow alerts are in place for Thrissur and Kozhikode districts due to expected high temperatures.

Here are some precautions advised by the IMD to stay safe during thunderstorms:

Move indoors at the first sign of lightning to reduce the risk of being struck.

Keep windows and doors closed during thunderstorms and stay away from them.

Unplug electrical appliances to avoid damage from lightning strikes.

Avoid using landline phones and stay away from electrical appliances during storms.

Refrain from outdoor activities and seek shelter immediately if the weather turns cloudy.

Do not park vehicles under trees and avoid using bicycles, bikes, and tractors during thunderstorms.

Avoid bathing in open water bodies and refrain from fishing or boating during storms.

Do not fly kites or stay on terraces or high places during thunderstorms.

Ensure that domestic animals are not tethered outdoors during storms.

If caught in an open area, crouch down with feet together, head tucked, and roll up into a ball.

Consider installing lightning protection systems on buildings and surge protectors for electrical equipment.

Additionally, it’s crucial to provide first aid immediately to anyone struck by lightning, as prompt action can save lives. Remember, the first thirty seconds after a lightning strike are critical for administering aid.

Stay safe and follow these precautions to minimize the risks associated with thunderstorms and lightning strikes.

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