Kerala Government Rejects Load Shedding, Seeks Alternatives

The state government has decided not to implement load shedding in Kerala for the time being. This decision was made during a meeting chaired by Power Minister K. Krishnankutty. Instead of load shedding, the minister has requested the Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) to propose alternative measures to address the power consumption issues. The minister is scheduled to meet with the chief minister soon to discuss this matter further. The KSEB will convene a meeting today to formulate and communicate their new directives to the government.

Previously, the KSEB had advocated for load shedding due to the rapid surge in power consumption caused by extreme heat conditions. However, the power minister conveyed the government’s stance on this matter during a high-level meeting. Suggestions were made to impose partial control on industrial operations and regulate electricity usage during nighttime hours. Additionally, it was proposed that malls should self-regulate their electricity consumption, and pumping for agricultural purposes should be restricted to daytime hours only. It is anticipated that these measures will address the current challenges within a span of fifteen days.

The state is currently experiencing an unprecedented level of electricity consumption due to the intense heat. Peak electricity demand now extends until 2:00 AM, as opposed to the previous peak time of 11:00 PM. The strain on the power grid has led to transformer failures and power outages in various areas. Some protests have erupted, alleging that the power disruptions are tantamount to undeclared load shedding.

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