Meta Introduces New Event Organization Features for WhatsApp Communities

Mark Zuckerberg has introduced new features for WhatsApp Communities, empowering groups to seamlessly organize events both in person and online. Now, groups within a WhatsApp Community can create events, facilitating easier coordination and collaboration among members.

In addition, Zuckerberg announced that members now have the ability to respond to admin announcements within Community Announcement groups, enabling admins to gather feedback and engage with members more effectively.

Zuckerberg shared the news on his WhatsApp Channel, stating, “If you’re in a WhatsApp Community, you can now create events in your groups and reply to admin announcements.” He also mentioned that more groups will gain access to event creation capabilities over the coming months.

With the introduction of events, users can conveniently plan gatherings directly within WhatsApp, whether it’s scheduling a virtual meeting or organizing a birthday celebration. Any member can create an event, and others can easily RSVP, ensuring that the entire group stays informed about attendance.

Initially, events will be available to groups within Communities, with a broader rollout planned for all groups in the coming months, according to the company’s announcement.

Furthermore, the addition of reply functionality to Announcement Groups allows admins to solicit input from members while maintaining the simplicity of these groups as places to stay informed about Community updates. Replies are neatly grouped and minimized for easy viewing, and notifications are muted for all members.

Over the next few months, Meta plans to introduce additional features to Communities and groups, providing users with more tools to streamline their interactions and organization on WhatsApp.

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