Hyundai’s Hybrid Car Plans for India: What’s in Store by 2026?

In a strategic move to diversify its offerings in India’s automotive market, Hyundai, the country’s second-largest carmaker, is gearing up to introduce its first hybrid car in the region by 2026. Reports suggest that the tech giant is contemplating the launch of a hybrid sport-utility vehicle, akin to its popular mid-sized Creta SUV, to tap into the growing demand for hybrid vehicles in the country. This initiative is part of Hyundai’s broader commitment to embrace electrified mobility, with plans to optimize its product strategies tailored for the Indian market.

Hyundai’s shift towards hybrid vehicles comes amidst a noticeable uptick in hybrid car sales in India, positioning it as the third-largest revenue generator for the company, trailing only behind the United States and South Korea. The move marks a departure from Hyundai’s earlier focus solely on battery-driven electric vehicles (EVs). While the company is also on track with its EV plans for India, including the introduction of locally manufactured EVs by 2025, the emphasis on hybrid cars underscores Hyundai’s strategy to capture a larger share of the Indian automotive market until EV adoption gains momentum. This strategic pivot not only positions Hyundai to compete more effectively with rivals like Maruti Suzuki but also signals its long-term commitment to India’s burgeoning automotive landscape. Additionally, Hyundai’s collaboration with Indian battery manufacturer Exide Industries to localize battery cells underscores its efforts to ensure affordability and enhance its competitiveness in the evolving Indian EV market.

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