Snapchat Introduces Editable Chats, Emoji Reactions, and More Features

Snapchat is rolling out a host of new features aimed at enhancing user interaction and enriching the platform’s user experience. Among these updates are several powered by artificial intelligence (AI), with some exclusive to Snapchat+ subscribers. The additions include Editable Chats, Emoji Reactions, My AI Reminders, an AI-powered Bitmoji outfit generator, and more.

In a recent newsroom post, Snapchat highlighted the significance of these features in fostering quicker connections, novel forms of expression, and improved organization in users’ lives. Notably, Editable Chats enable users to modify messages sent within a five-minute window, akin to WhatsApp’s message editing feature. Initially available to Snapchat+ subscribers, this functionality may later extend to all users.

Moreover, Emoji Reactions offer users the flexibility to react to messages with any emoji, expanding beyond the Bitmoji reactions currently available. My AI Reminders streamline event scheduling by allowing users to set reminders with a simple message to My AI, containing event details. Additionally, enhancements to Snap Map now permit users to express reactions to others’ locations with emojis. Complementing these updates are two new AI-powered features: a Bitmoji outfit generator that responds to user descriptions and a ’90s AI Lens filter, adding nostalgic aesthetics to images captured on the platform.

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