Munnar Tourist Season Disappoints as Record High Temperatures Hit Hill Station

In Munnar, a popular hill station in India, tourists are facing disappointment as record-high temperatures disrupt the usual cool weather that attracts visitors. On April 29, the temperature soared to twenty-nine degrees Celsius, rising further to thirty degrees on April 30. Experts note a concerning trend of rising temperatures in Munnar, with the average temperature increasing by 2 to 4 degrees compared to previous years. Data collected from the observatory owned by the United Planters Association of South India (UPASI) in Nallathanni confirms this observation. During April 15 to 30, the daytime temperature ranged between 28 to 30 degrees Celsius, while nights remained cooler at around 11 degrees.

Climate expert Rajeevan Irikkulam attributes the heatwave in Munnar to the ongoing drought situation in the state, exacerbated by a shortage of summer rains. Tourists accustomed to the misty hills and cool breeze of Munnar during the vacation season express disappointment over the unusual heat. Anupama S, a tourist, reminisces about the past when Munnar offered a refreshing escape even during the summer months. However, the changing climate seems to be altering the experience, with fewer misty mornings and cooler temperatures. Despite the discomfort caused by the heat, tourists find solace in the blooming Gulmohar trees along the Kottarakkara-Dindigul National Highway and Kumily Munnar State Highway, offering a picturesque backdrop for their selfies. While the heatwave poses challenges for tourism in Munnar, the natural beauty of the region continues to captivate visitors.

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