Power Consumption Surges in Kerala, Leading to Potential Intermittent Disruptions

In response to a surge in power consumption, the Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) is considering intermittent power disruptions to manage the strain on its infrastructure. Despite previous government assurances against load shedding, local authorities are now implementing measures to control distribution. Circulars issued by Transmission Circle Deputy Chief Engineers outline plans to potentially switch off transmission lines during peak hours, particularly between 7 pm and 1 am, to alleviate pressure on the system. With power consumption reaching an unprecedented 5854 megawatts, KSEB is grappling with a record expenditure of 11.42 crore units to meet demand, threatening the stability of the state’s electricity grid.

The current situation underscores the limitations of Kerala’s power production and transmission network, with a capacity of only 5800 megawatts. This includes 4200 megawatts sourced from outside the state and 1600 megawatts generated within Kerala. However, if demand surpasses this threshold, the state risks being unable to import additional power, leading to widespread disruptions. As the threat of heatwaves persists, efforts to curb consumption may prove insufficient, exacerbating the crisis until the arrival of monsoon rains.

Electricity Minister K. Krishnankutty reassures the public that any disruptions will be brief and implemented only if deemed necessary. Despite the potential for intermittent power outages, authorities aim to minimize inconvenience, emphasizing that any restrictions will be localized and short-lived. However, the looming uncertainty surrounding power availability underscores the urgency for sustainable solutions to mitigate future crises. Keywords: Kerala, power consumption, KSEB, intermittent disruptions, infrastructure strain, electricity grid, transmission network, capacity limitations, heatwaves, monsoon rains, government assurances, crisis management.

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