Sharjah’s New Gas Discovery: Potential Impact on Expats’ Lives

The recent discovery of a new gas reserve in Sharjah, UAE, is set to significantly impact the lives of expats in the region. The gas reserve was found in the Al Hadiba field, situated north of the Al Sajaa Industrial area. This discovery was announced by the Sharjah Petroleum Council (SPC), operating under the Sharjah government.

For the past few months, the Sharjah National Oil Corporation has been actively drilling wells and conducting tests in the area. These efforts have culminated in the discovery of the gas reserve in the Al Hadiba field. Moving forward, the oil corporation plans to conduct further tests to assess the development potential of the newly discovered gas reserves.

The Al Hadiba field now joins the ranks of other gas fields in Sharjah, including Al-Sajaa, Kahif, Mahani, and Muayed. With this new discovery, the UAE stands to increase its wealth and create additional employment opportunities in the region. Expats residing in Sharjah can anticipate potential changes in their lives as the economic landscape evolves with the exploitation of this newfound treasure.

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