Actress Kanakalatha Passes Away at Home in Thiruvananthapuram, Leaves Behind Legacy of 360 Films

Kanakalatha, a beloved actress known for her roles in numerous Malayalam and Tamil films and serials such as “Priyam” and “Aadyathe Kanmani,” has passed away at her home in Thiruvananthapuram. Her demise marks the end of a remarkable career spanning over three decades in the entertainment industry.

In 2021, Kanakalatha began experiencing sleep disturbances, and in August 2022, she was diagnosed with dementia. An MRI scan revealed that her brain was shrinking, indicating the progression of the condition. Despite facing health challenges, Kanakalatha continued to be cherished by fans for her memorable performances.

Born and raised in Valiyavila, Kanakalatha later acquired a home in Malayinkeezhu. However, her financial situation became challenging during the lockdown period when her income dwindled, making it difficult for her to manage her expenses and loan repayments. Throughout this time, her sister Vijayamma remained by her side, offering support and care.

Kanakalatha’s contribution to the film industry was significant, having appeared in over 360 films across Malayalam and Tamil cinema during her illustrious career spanning nearly four decades. Her journey into acting began with amateur dramas, eventually leading to her debut in the film industry with the movie “Chillu.” Despite facing personal challenges, including a divorce and the absence of children, Kanakalatha remained dedicated to her craft, leaving behind a rich legacy of memorable performances.

Her final appearance on the big screen was in the film “Pookkaalam,” marking the end of an era for Malayalam cinema. Kanakalatha’s passing is mourned by fans and colleagues alike, who remember her fondly for her talent, resilience, and contributions to the world of entertainment.

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