Arali Flower Sales Dip in Kerala

The sale of Arali flowers in Kerala has witnessed a significant decline following a series of mysterious deaths allegedly linked to the popular flower. Traders have reported a sharp decrease in sales, attributing it to the recent incident where a woman collapsed at the airport after consuming Arali flowers, resulting in her death. Preliminary investigations suggested a possible connection between the consumption of Arali flowers and the tragic incident. Despite this, the Travancore Devaswom Board has permitted the use of Arali flowers in temple rituals across the state.

As a result of the apprehension surrounding Arali flowers, traders have scaled back their purchases, anticipating a continued drop in demand. The decline in sales is particularly noticeable in markets like Thiruvananthapuram’s Chala Market, where the demand for Arali flowers has plummeted. Previously, the market would typically sell 15 to 20 kilograms of Arali flowers, but now struggles to sell even 1 kilogram.

Arali flowers, traditionally used in various ceremonies including pujas, funerals, housewarmings, and weddings, are primarily sourced from regions like Thovalai, Tiruchirappalli, and Madurai. Prices vary based on the color of the flowers, with pink flowers priced at Rs 300, red at Rs 350, and white at Rs 400. The decline in Arali flower sales has also been observed in Kochi.

In light of the diminished availability of Arali flowers, traders anticipate an increased demand for Thetti Poovu, an alternative floral option preferred by Tantris from northern Kerala. This shift underscores the impact of recent events on consumer preferences and market dynamics in the region.

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