WhatsApp Enhances User Experience with iOS Update: Introduces Green Buttons and Audio Support for Screen Sharing

WhatsApp has recently launched a new update for iOS users, introducing some minor interface changes and a new feature in its video calling functionality. This update, with the build version 24.9.74, is now available for all iPhone users globally. Users can easily find and install the update from the App Store by searching for WhatsApp.

The major highlights of this update include the introduction of green buttons and notification icons throughout the app. This feature was initially tested last month and has now been rolled out to both iOS and Android users. After the update, users will notice that the new message button, as well as icons for new groups, contacts, and communities, will appear in green. Additionally, unread message notifications and the number of unread messages displayed next to the chat list will also be shown in green. While the green color was already the default theme for night mode, it now appears brighter. Even users who prefer the light mode will see the green color incorporated into their interface.

Furthermore, the update brings redesigned icons across the app, offering a more consistent user experience across different platforms, including Android, iOS, and the web interface.

In addition to these interface changes, WhatsApp has also introduced audio support for the screen-sharing feature during video calls. Previously, when users shared their screen through the app, other participants could not hear the audio played on the device. With this update, users will now be able to hear both audio channels simultaneously, enhancing the overall video calling experience.

Overall, this update aims to improve the user interface and functionality of WhatsApp for iOS users, providing them with a more seamless and enjoyable messaging experience.

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