Higher Education Minister Announces Four-Year Degree Courses with Flexible Curriculum

Starting from this academic year, Higher Education Minister R Bindu has announced the implementation of four-year undergraduate courses in universities. The classes for these programs are scheduled to commence from July 1st, with admissions opening on May 20th. Minister Bindu emphasized that the new curriculum is designed to offer fundamental changes, allowing students to tailor their degrees to suit their interests and career aspirations.

Under the new system, students completing three years of study will be awarded a degree, while those completing four years will earn an honors degree. This flexibility extends to the choice of subjects, enabling students to pursue interdisciplinary studies. For instance, students can combine subjects like physics, mathematics, and electronics, or opt for a blend of literature and music.

To support students in navigating their academic journey, colleges will provide academic counselors who will assist in designing personalized study plans. Additionally, bright learners will have the opportunity to fast-track their degrees through the “N minus one system,” completing their program in two and a half years by earning sufficient credits.

The new system also encourages the integration of online courses, allowing students to accumulate credits towards their degree or honors courses. Furthermore, the implementation of help desks at both university and college levels aims to provide immediate assistance to students. Minister Bindu also announced the introduction of short-term industry-related courses to address skill gaps, along with provisions for inter-university transfers for interested students.

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