Kerala’s Power Management Strategy Amid Summer Rain Relief

In a recent meeting helmed by Minister for Electricity K Krishnankutty, Kerala has decided to sidestep load shedding owing to a noticeable decrease in power demand, thanks to the arrival of summer rains. This reduction, amounting to 117 megawatts during peak hours, has made sector-wise power regulation unnecessary. Wednesday witnessed a significant drop in maximum power demand to 5,251 megawatts, marking a decrease of 493 megawatts compared to the previous day. Noteworthy reductions in consumption have been observed among major consumers such as the Kerala Water Authority and private companies, the latter opting to forego shift duties during peak hours.

Meanwhile, efforts are underway to address concerns regarding transformer shortages and materials, with plans to replace malfunctioning meters and expedite ongoing substation works. Additionally, the restriction on local material purchases during emergencies has been lifted to facilitate necessary procurement. Further initiatives include the introduction of a shift system for repair unit employees and conducting inspections during peak hours in districts with control room systems. Another review meeting is scheduled for a comprehensive reassessment of the situation.

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