Sri Lanka Extends Free Visa for Indian Tourists Amidst Tourism Revival Efforts

The Sri Lankan government’s decision to extend the free tourist visa scheme for visitors from India, China, Russia, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia comes as a relief for Indian tourists who had expressed concerns over the potential termination of the program. This intervention by President Ranil Wickremesinghe aims to sustain the momentum of tourism in Sri Lanka, which has been significantly impacted by internal crises. While tourists from non-visa-free countries will now face a USD 50 fee for a 30-day visa, the continuation of the free visa scheme for select countries underscores the government’s commitment to revitalizing the tourism sector.

Sri Lanka’s attractiveness as a tourist destination, particularly among Indian travelers, is evident from the substantial influx of visitors from India, with around 14.8 lakh foreign tourists arriving in 2023. The country’s geographical proximity to India and its connectivity with South India have played pivotal roles in attracting Indian tourists. Concurrently, the Sri Lankan government is focusing on upgrading airport infrastructure to accommodate the surge in travelers, with plans underway to hand over key airports to the Adani Group, signaling a concerted effort to enhance the tourism experience in Sri Lanka.

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