Dust Storm Hits Delhi, Flights Diverted: Weather Advisory Issued

The national capital experienced a dust storm, strong winds, and rain on Friday, leading to the diversion of nine flights from the Delhi airport due to adverse weather conditions. Some flights were redirected to Jaipur in response to the situation.

The Meteorology Department issued an advisory urging residents to stay indoors and avoid unnecessary travel amidst the dust storm. They emphasized securing windows and doors and seeking safe shelters, advising against seeking cover under trees.

The Delhi Traffic Police issued alerts for Dharam Marg and Janakpuri after a road at B2 Janakpuri was blocked by a large fallen tree, urging commuters to avoid the affected stretch. Reports of trees falling in various areas due to strong winds were also received.

Earlier predictions by the weather department indicated generally cloudy skies with the likelihood of dust storms, thunderstorms, and light rain accompanied by hailstorms at isolated places. Squally winds with speeds of 60-70 kmph were expected during Friday night.

Kuldeep Srivastava, scientist and head of the Regional Meteorological Centre, mentioned the influence of a new active western disturbance, forecasting drizzles late Friday night. The maximum temperature recorded on Friday was 39 degrees Celsius, with relative humidity ranging between 47 and 64 percent.

For Saturday, the minimum and maximum temperatures were expected to settle at 29 and 39 degrees Celsius, respectively, with a high chance of rain anticipated over the weekend, as per Srivastava’s statements to PTI.

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