Kerala Responds to KSEB’s Call, Daily Power Consumption Declines for Six Consecutive Days

In response to Kerala State Electricity Board Limited’s (KSEB) distress call, Kerala’s daily power consumption has witnessed a notable decline for six consecutive days following an all-time record high on May 3rd. Despite concerns of impending load-shedding, targeted efforts by industrial, commercial, and domestic consumers have resulted in a significant reduction in power usage across the state. KSEB’s advisory recommendations, ranging from adjustments to night shifts and agricultural practices to simple energy-saving habits for households, have been well-received and adopted by the public.

The drop in consumption has enabled KSEB to gradually reduce its dependence on costly power sources, such as gas and naphtha, providing much-needed relief during the summer months. Notably, on May 9th, KSEB did not need to procure any power from gas or naphtha-based stations, marking a significant milestone in alleviating the summer energy crisis. The collaborative effort between KSEB and consumers has helped stabilize peak consumption levels, with encouraging declines observed during peak hours.

Additionally, favorable weather conditions, including heavy summer rains, have contributed to the reduction in power consumption and improved reservoir storage levels compared to the previous year. Despite initial challenges, the proactive measures undertaken by both KSEB and consumers have proven effective in mitigating the energy crisis and ensuring sustainable energy usage in Kerala.

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