Plus One Admission: Online Application Process Begins May 16th

Online application submission for first-year higher secondary admission in Kerala will commence from 4 pm on May 16th and continue until May 25th. Assistance centers will be available in government, aided, and vocational higher secondary schools across the state. Trial allotment is scheduled for May 29th, followed by first, second, and third allotments on June 5th, 12th, and 19th respectively. Classes are set to commence on June 24th.

Applicants can access the Plus One application process through the website starting from 4 pm on Thursday. Meanwhile, Minister for General Education and Labour, V Sivankutty, addressed attempts to exploit Plus One admissions for political gains in Malappuram, reassuring that seats will be guaranteed for all aspiring students.

In Malappuram district, a total of 53,236 seats have been allocated, with 22,600 in the government sector, 19,350 in the aided sector, and 11,286 in the unaided sector. Additional seats have been provided through batch allotment (6,105 seats) and marginal seat enhancement (11,635 seats), with specific allocations for government and aided sectors.

Cabinet-level decisions have been made to streamline the Plus One admission process, and the education department is prepared to address any challenges that may arise, affirmed Minister Sivankutty.

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