Apple’s Antifraud Efforts Prevent $1.8 Billion Worth of Transactions on App Store in 2023

Apple has been proactive in safeguarding its users from fraudulent transactions on the App Store, revealing its concerted efforts to combat digital threats between 2020 and 2023. The Cupertino-based tech giant emphasized the escalating nature of digital threats and outlined the measures it has undertaken to shield users from scams and phishing attacks. Notably, Apple disclosed that it thwarted fraudulent transactions worth a staggering $7 billion (approximately Rs. 58,440 crores) on the App Store during this timeframe. Moreover, it successfully blocked over 14 million stolen credit cards and prevented more than 3.3 million accounts from engaging in further transactions.

In a newsroom post, Apple delved into the specifics of its antifraud endeavors, stating, “As digital threats have evolved in scope and complexity over the years, Apple has expanded its antifraud initiatives to address these challenges and help protect its users.” The company elucidated that its dedicated teams diligently monitor and investigate fraudulent activities on the App Store daily. Leveraging sophisticated tools and technologies, Apple endeavors to identify and eradicate malicious actors, thereby fortifying the App Store ecosystem.

Further elaborating on its antifraud efforts, Apple disclosed that in 2023 alone, it prevented fraudulent transactions amounting to $1.8 billion (roughly Rs. 15,030 crores). Additionally, it turned down over 1.7 million app submissions due to failure to meet Apple’s rigorous standards concerning privacy, security, and content. Furthermore, Apple took decisive action by terminating approximately 374 million developer and customer accounts and purging nearly 152 million ratings and reviews over concerns of fraud.

Apple also addressed the issue of harmful activities occurring at the customer account level. It highlighted the presence of bot accounts created to spam or manipulate ratings and reviews on the App Store. To counter this, Apple revealed that it thwarted the creation of more than 153 fraudulent accounts and deactivated an additional 374 million accounts.

The company shed light on its meticulous app vetting process, emphasizing that its review team, comprising 500 employees, meticulously evaluates every app worldwide before it becomes accessible on the App Store. This dedicated team conducts exhaustive reviews, examining approximately 132,500 apps per week and vetting around 6.9 million apps in the previous year alone. Employing a combination of automated processes and human review, the review team diligently identifies potentially harmful and fraudulent apps, ensuring a secure and trustworthy App Store experience for users.

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