Avoid Tea and Coffee Before and After Meals: ICMR

A significant number of people relish having tea or coffee before or after meals. However, this practice could be harmful to your health, warns the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). In its newly released guidelines on healthy eating and lifestyle, ICMR advises against consuming these beverages within one hour before and after meals. The council explains that tannin, a compound found in tea and coffee, interferes with iron absorption in the body, potentially leading to anaemia.

Additionally, ICMR warns that frequent consumption of tea and coffee could lead to addiction. The caffeine in these drinks stimulates the nervous system, which can cause dependence. Furthermore, high intake of tea or coffee increases the risk of developing hypertension and heart disease. ICMR also suggests drinking tea and coffee without milk to minimize health risks.

The ICMR report highlights that 56% of diseases in the country are linked to poor dietary habits. Key recommendations from the report include:

Ensure sufficient intake of vegetables and pulses.

Reduce consumption of oil and fat.

Avoid protein supplements that claim to increase muscle mass; instead, consume good proteins and amino acids.

Be physically active and engage in regular exercise.

Use less salt while cooking.

Eat fewer processed foods and those that are excessively sweet and salty.

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