Nayanar Academy Museum to Open Today Featuring AI-Generated Nayanar

Malayali’s beloved leader EK Nayanar makes a virtual return today at the Nayanar Academy Museum in Burnassery, Kannur, through an advanced AI installation. Visitors can interact with a lifelike projection of Nayanar, who will be dressed in his signature white shirt and blue overcoat, ready to answer questions about his favorite food, writing journey, political inspirations, election experiences, and critical life events. This immersive experience is made possible by HoloLens projection technology.

The public opening of the Nayanar Academy Museum will follow a ceremony where flowers will be offered at the Nayanar Smriti Mandapam in Payyambalam at 8 am. Attendees will include CPM State Secretary MV Govindan, PK Sreemathi, EP Jayarajan, KK Shailaja, and members of Nayanar’s family. After the commemoration at the museum, a memorial meeting will take place at Kalliasseri at 5 pm, inaugurated by MV Govindan.

The museum features Nayanar’s reading room recreated from his residence ‘Saradas’ in Kalliasseri, complete with his personal belongings. A wax statue of Nayanar is also on display, depicting him seated with a pen in hand at his table. The museum, designed by architect Vinod Daniel, also showcases silicone busts of prominent figures like P. Krishna Pillai, EMS, NC Shekhar, AKG, and Nayanar, a short film on historical struggles, and a Martyrs’ Wall. The creative direction is led by actor, screenwriter, and director Shankar Ramakrishnan.

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