Singapore Faces New Wave of Covid-19 with 25,900 Cases Reported in One Week

Singapore is experiencing a fresh surge of Covid-19 cases, with 25,900 infections reported between May 5 and 11. In the first week alone, 13,700 cases were confirmed. Health Minister Ong Ye Kung has urged the public to wear masks to curb the virus’s spread.

“We are at the beginning part of the wave where it is steadily rising. I would say the wave should peak in the next two to four weeks, which means between mid- and end of June,” Ong stated.

Currently, there are no plans to impose social restrictions, as Covid-19 is being managed as an endemic disease in Singapore, and additional measures would be considered a last resort.

Hospital admissions due to Covid-19 have also increased, with 250 people admitted this week, up from 181 the previous week. Ong warned that if the number of cases doubles, hospital admissions could exceed 500, straining the healthcare system.

The minister advised people over 60 and those with serious health conditions to exercise caution. He also recommended that individuals who have not received a Covid-19 vaccine in the past 12 months get an additional dose for extra protection.

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