Six Killed, Several Wounded in Shooting Incident in Afghanistan

A tragic incident in Afghanistan has left six people dead, including three Spanish tourists and three Afghans, while several others have been wounded. The shooting occurred as the group was touring the mountainous city of Bamiyan, located approximately 180 kilometers from Kabul, on Friday evening.

According to Abdul Mateen Qani, spokesman for the Taliban government’s interior ministry, the bodies of the victims, along with the injured, have been transported to Kabul for further investigation and medical treatment. Among the wounded are women, including one elderly foreign woman in critical condition.

The death toll has risen to six, with additional casualties including two Afghan civilians and one Taliban member. The wounded individuals hail from various countries, including Norway, Australia, Lithuania, and Spain.

The attackers targeted the group while they were walking through a market, leading to the tragic loss of lives and injuries. While seven suspects have been arrested, the investigation is ongoing, and authorities are diligently pursuing the matter.

The news of the attack has sparked widespread condemnation, with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez expressing shock and condolences for the victims. The European Union also strongly condemned the incident, extending sympathies to the families of those affected.

The Taliban government, despite its efforts to promote tourism in the region, continues to face security challenges. While the number of bombings and suicide attacks has decreased since the Taliban’s assumption of power, threats from armed groups such as the Islamic State persist.

Bamiyan, known for its scenic beauty and historical significance, remains a popular tourist destination despite the risks associated with travel to Afghanistan. However, the recent incident underscores the ongoing security concerns and the need for heightened vigilance for both tourists and residents alike.

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