Urgent Action Needed: Schools Reopening Soon Amidst Rampant Drug Menace

With schools in the state set to reopen soon, the escalating activities of drug mafias around campuses pose a grave concern not only for parents but for society as a whole. The police and Excise Department’s apparent lack of effective measures to tackle these nefarious activities is alarming. Despite being aware of the drug mafia’s tactics, which target students regardless of gender, there seems to be a reluctance to crack down on this menace.

The sale of intoxicants serves as a major source of income for gangs operating in urban areas of Kerala. By dismantling the drug mafia, we can strike at the root of these criminal networks. However, doubts linger over the preparedness of law enforcement agencies to take decisive action.

Reports have surfaced of drug gangs resorting to online platforms for distributing intoxicants due to the challenges posed by direct delivery. Their actions are more sinister than society perceives, as they prey on impressionable children to ensnare them into their illicit trade. These criminals employ various tactics to introduce mind-altering substances to children discreetly, leading to addiction at a vulnerable age. Shockingly, an Excise Department survey revealed that 70 percent of individuals aged 10 to 15 have experimented with drugs.

Disturbingly, drug dealing has infiltrated 1140 schools, highlighting the urgent need for intervention. Strengthening police surveillance within school perimeters is insufficient; robust shadow policing and enhanced coordination between the Excise and police departments are imperative.

Teachers and parents play a pivotal role in identifying and addressing drug addiction among children. Parental engagement, beyond mere provision of material needs, is crucial for nurturing mental resilience. Even academically successful students are susceptible to the influence of the drug mafia. Student and youth organizations must introspect and collaborate with society to combat this scourge.

Recent police operations resulting in the arrest of 736 individuals involved in drug possession and trafficking underscore the gravity of the situation. Swift and decisive action against the drug mafia is imperative, without leniency. It is the only recourse to safeguard our youth and preserve the fabric of our society.

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