GST Department Uncovers Rs 1,000 Crore Tax Evasion in Massive Raid

A massive tax evasion amounting to Rs 1,000 crore has been uncovered during “Operation Palm Tree,” conducted by the GST department. This large-scale evasion was discovered during a surprise inspection involving more than 300 officers across seven districts.

The state-wide inspection targeted GST evasion concealed behind shell companies. “Operation Palm Tree,” focusing on scrap and steel trading firms, involved over a hundred locations in districts including Kozhikode, Palakkad, Malappuram, and Ernakulam, starting early in the morning.

The investigation revealed that shell companies were created and fake invoices produced to claim ineligible GST credit. Preliminary reports indicate that officials found numerous fake invoices during the inspection. Those involved in the fraud will be summoned for questioning soon. Central GST officials were also part of the operation, with officers camping in Kochi several days prior as part of the preparatory work.

This operation is emerging as the largest tax evasion case uncovered in the state. Further investigations and raids are likely based on the information obtained from the inspection. GST officials had received related information during inspections conducted over the past few months, prompting the department to launch this extensive raid.

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