Optimism Soars for Wellness Tourism in Alappuzha Amid Predicted Monsoon Surge

With an above-average monsoon predicted this year, stakeholders of wellness tourism in Alappuzha are optimistic. Alappuzha, renowned for its beaches and backwaters, holds a significant presence in the wellness tourism sector. During the Karkidaka season, the demand for wellness tourism revolves around rejuvenation therapies designed to uplift the body and mind. Foreign tourists arriving during winter are mainly here for health tourism, which involves genuine medicinal treatments accompanied by a strict regimen that can last for weeks or even months.

“Last year we had a record number of tourists arriving for various Ayurvedic therapies. This was higher than the peak number during the pre-Covid era. This year, with the prediction of an above-average monsoon and increasing awareness about the benefits of Ayurveda globally, we expect an even better turnout,” says Sajeev Kurup, president of the Kerala Ayurveda Promotion Society. Domestic tourists, including people from other parts of India and Indians working in the Gulf region, come to Alappuzha to unwind and undergo rejuvenation therapies. The picturesque backwaters and enthralling houseboat rides make Alappuzha an attractive destination for them.

While wellness tourism is growing in Alappuzha, the district is missing out on a major clientele in this segment. Arab tourists traveling for Ayurveda therapies are a major contributor of foreign money to the sector. Unfortunately, very few of them see Alappuzha as a potential destination. “The people coming from the Middle East require an environment similar to theirs back home to feel comfortable. This includes Arabic-speaking staff, Arabic food, and Arabic hospitality. Alappuzha doesn’t offer this. Another reason is the lack of marketing. No efforts are being made to promote Alappuzha as a viable destination among them,” said Sajeev.

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