Back to School Bonanza: Examining the Thriving Market Trends and Consumer Demand

The countdown to the new academic year is on, and with just a few days left before schools reopen, the back-to-school market is bustling with activity. From bags to shoes, umbrellas to notebooks, a variety of products have flooded the market, enticing both parents and students alike. Despite the anticipation, traders note that sales have not seen a significant surge compared to the previous year.

Typically, the back-to-school season kicks off in mid-April and extends until the first week of June. However, this year, the market witnessed an early rush starting from the second week of May. With this early momentum, traders anticipate a turnover of around Rs 200 crore for the back-to-school market in the state, albeit a 15 percent decrease from previous years.

Prices of essential school items have seen a moderate increase of 10-20 percent compared to last year, with notebooks witnessing a price hike of Rs 5-10. School bags, a staple for every student, come in a range of prices starting from Rs 600 and going up to Rs 3000, depending on the brand and quality. Bags featuring popular cartoon characters are a hit among younger children, while colorful umbrellas are also in demand, starting from Rs 300.

Other essentials such as lunch boxes, water bottles, pencil boxes, and name slips are available at varying price points, catering to different budget preferences. Additionally, combo offers including bags, lunch boxes, and pencil pouches are attracting customers seeking value for money.

With the onset of the rainy season, the demand for raincoats has surged, with prices starting from Rs 500 on average. Online sales of these products have also seen an uptick, reflecting changing consumer preferences and shopping habits.

To cater to the growing demand, Consumerfed has organized fairs across all districts, offering a wide range of products at discounted prices. These fairs feature products from leading brands, with discounts ranging from 10-40 percent, ensuring affordability for all. Chairman M Mehboob noted that last year, the school market generated a turnover of Rs 26 crore, and this year’s initiatives aim to surpass that figure, with supermarkets and cooperatives also joining in to provide low-priced options for students and parents alike.

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