Read Your Horoscope Today (25-05-2024)

Here are the horoscope readings for each zodiac sign on May 25, 2024:

Medam (Stars: Aswathi, Bharani, Karthika ¼) You are likely to face certain difficulties today. Obstacles may hinder your efforts, leading to mental stress and possible health issues, including an abdominal ailment. Sluggishness could affect your work, and travel plans may be disrupted. However, after 11 am, a mixed fortune awaits you.

Edavam (Stars: Karthika ¾, Rohini, Makayiram ½) You can relax until 11 am as tasks may be completed successfully, and you may receive recognition and enjoy good health. You might also win a contest and relish your favorite cuisine. However, after 11 am, activities may face hurdles, distress may bother you, and there is a risk of accidents and financial setbacks.

Midhunam (Stars: Makayiram ½, Thiruvathira, Punartham ¾) A great day is ahead! Your work will yield desired results, you can win a contest, and your stature is likely to improve. You may also enjoy a sumptuous feast, have your wishes fulfilled, and feel elated.

Karkidakam (Stars: Punartham ¼, Pooyam, Ayilyam) Adverse events may occur until 11 am, with efforts unlikely to succeed and potential mental stress and abdominal ailments. However, after 11 am, tasks could be completed as planned. You have a good chance to win a legal battle, clear an exam with flying colors, and see your rivals suffer setbacks.

Chingam (Stars: Makam, Pooram, Uthram ¼) Watch out as tasks may run into hurdles, hectic short trips could exhaust you, and expenses may increase. Monetary losses might occur, enemies could create trouble, and you might suffer an injury. Fulfillment of certain wishes may not be possible.

Kanni (Stars: Uthram ¾, Atham, Chithira ½) The situation favors you until 11 am. Your work will be rewarded, you may win a contest, and enjoy a great feast. However, later in the day, activities may face hiccups, distress may bother you, and lethargy could hamper your efforts. Health issues and disrupted travel plans may also occur.

Thulam (Stars: Chithira ½, Chothi, Visakham ¾) Be cautious from early hours as tasks may fail, you could suffer humiliation, and might be involved in a mishap. Disillusionment is possible. However, after 11 am, activities will achieve targets, you may excel in an exam, and there is a chance for a promotion. Recognition and good health may also follow.

Vrischikam (Stars: Visakham ¼, Anizham, Thrikketta) Fortune will favor you until around noon. Efforts may yield great rewards, and you will feel upbeat and can win a contest. But, after 11 am, work may face hurdles, bad health might trouble you, and disillusionment could occur. You may suffer insults, get involved in a dispute, and are unlikely to win a legal battle.

Dhanu (Stars: Moolam, Pooradam, Uthradam ¼) The planets will not be benevolent in the morning, and your toil may go to waste. Health issues could arise, hectic short trips may exhaust you, and expenses are likely to increase. However, after 11 am, tasks could be completed as planned, you may win a legal battle, and enjoy your favorite cuisine.

Makaram (Stars: Uthradam ¾, Thiruvonam, Avittam ½) You can celebrate during the morning hours as activities will achieve goals, you may earn recognition, and enjoy good health and a sumptuous feast. But, after 11 am, efforts may run into obstacles, distress may bother you, and hectic short trips could leave you weary. Expenses might mount, and you could lose a legal battle.

Kumbham (Stars: Avittom ½, Chathayam, Pooruruttathi ¾) Today could be a lucky day for you. Efforts will succeed, you have a big chance to win a contest, and you may feel elated. You will be proud of your achievements, feel enthusiastic, and there is a big chance to hit the jackpot. A family reunion is also on the cards, and dreams may come true.

Meenam (Stars: Pooruruttathi ¼, Uthruttathi, Revathi) Stay alert until 11 am as work may hit obstacles, there is a risk of accidents, and disillusionment is possible. Rivals may create trouble, and you could suffer an injury. However, after 11 am, tasks could be completed as planned, professional gains are likely, and your status will improve.

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