WhatsApp Beta Testing Default Chat Theme Feature: Here’s What to Expect

WhatsApp is gearing up to introduce a new feature that will enable users to set a default chat theme, allowing them to personalize the color of chat bubbles within the app on their smartphones. This upcoming feature, currently in development, was discovered by a feature tracker in the latest beta version of the app for iPhone users.

WhatsApp’s Default Chat Theme Feature: A Sneak Peek

In the latest WhatsApp beta version for iOS, a new feature called Default Chat Theme has been spotted, though it’s not yet accessible for users to enable. This feature is anticipated to offer users a selection of color presets, allowing them to choose from options like default green, blue, grey, red, and purple for their chat bubbles.

How It Works:

Once the feature is enabled, users can access the chat theme picker located in the settings menu of the app. From there, they can select their preferred chat theme, which will not only change the color of chat bubbles but also set the corresponding wallpaper and WhatsApp doodle background for chats on their device.

Key Differences:

Unlike Instagram’s chat theming feature, WhatsApp’s Default Chat Theme setting will only apply to the user’s device, rather than modifying the theme for both users in the chat. This distinction ensures that the chat theme remains consistent only on the user’s end.

What’s Next:

While the feature is currently in the testing phase for iOS beta users, it’s expected to be rolled out to beta testers on Android in the future before making its way to the stable channel. As WhatsApp typically shares most features across both iOS and Android platforms, Android users can also anticipate the arrival of this feature in the coming updates.

Stay tuned for further updates as WhatsApp continues to enhance its user experience with new and innovative features.

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