Kerala Government Defends Caravan Tourism Project Amid Failure Reports

Kerala’s Tourism Department has refuted claims of failure regarding its Caravan Tourism project, citing positive feedback from stakeholders. The department emphasized its commitment to ‘Keravan Kerala’ by allocating Rs 3.10 crore in the 2024-25 budget, highlighting the project’s significance. Amid media reports of its alleged failure, the department noted that Rs 97.5 lakhs in subsidies have been provided to 13 entrepreneurs for caravan purchases, with each receiving Rs 7.5 lakh.

Tourism Secretary K Biju stated that the project, developed through extensive discussions with policymakers and experts, is designed to enhance travel experiences for both domestic and foreign tourists. Despite some isolated issues, the project has received encouraging responses from stakeholders. The department maintains open communication channels with stakeholders to ensure the policy remains feasible, sustainable, and inclusive.

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