Maharashtra Panel Investigates Juvenile Justice Board’s Actions in Pune Porsche Crash Case

In response to public outcry over the lenient bail conditions set for the 17-year-old accused in the Pune Porsche crash case, the Maharashtra women and child development commissioner has established a four-member committee. This committee aims to investigate the conduct of two members of the Juvenile Justice Board (JJB) and assess whether proper judicial procedures were followed in granting bail. The initial bail order, which required the accused to write an essay and work with traffic police for 15 days, was met with national outrage and subsequently revised after a police appeal, sending the teenager to an observation home until June 5.

The state panel, formed by the women and child development department, is tasked with scrutinizing the actions of the JJB members appointed by the state government. Headed by a deputy commissioner-rank officer, the committee is expected to submit its findings by the following week. Women and child development commissioner Prashant Narnavare emphasized the committee’s role in assessing the overall conduct of the state-appointed JJB members, asserting the authority granted under the Juvenile Justice Act to investigate their actions. The formation of the committee promptly followed the issuance of the controversial bail order, reflecting the government’s commitment to ensuring proper legal proceedings in the aftermath of the tragic accident.

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