Dinesh Karthik Responds to Simon Doull Receiving Death Threats Over Virat Kohli Criticism

Commenting on cricket can be risky, especially when it involves critiquing a star player like Virat Kohli. Former New Zealand pacer and commentator Simon Doull recently revealed he received death threats for comments about Kohli’s strike rate during IPL 2024. Despite his mostly positive remarks about Kohli, Doull’s one critical comment triggered intense backlash from some fans.

Speaking on the Cricbuzz show, Doull mentioned that despite saying numerous positive things about Kohli, one perceived negative comment led to death threats. “I’ve praised Virat Kohli countless times, but one slightly negative remark results in death threats,” he said.

Dinesh Karthik, Kohli’s Royal Challengers Bangalore teammate, expressed disappointment over the extreme reactions from fans. He stressed the importance of understanding the difference between personal attacks and professional critique. “Indian fans need to differentiate between personal criticism and commentary on his cricketing skills. Virat appreciates that,” Karthik explained.

Doull added that his criticisms are never personal, and he maintains good relationships with players like Kohli and Pakistan captain Babar Azam, with whom he had similar discussions.

Karthik also noted that criticism often motivates Kohli, driving him to perform better. “Kohli thrives on proving critics wrong. It fuels his passion and performance,” he said.

This incident highlights the need for fans to approach sports commentary with a balanced perspective and maintain respectful discourse around athletes.

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