Kerala to Implement New Reforms for School Exam Evaluation

The general education department in Kerala is set to introduce significant changes in student assessment methods. This initiative follows the government’s decision to set minimum marks for the SSLC written exam. Continuous Evaluation (CE) from classes 1 to 10 will be revamped, adopting a system similar to the Holistic Profile Card (HPC) used in NCERT evaluations.

Planned Reforms

Open Book Exam: Students can refer to their textbooks while writing answers.

Take-home Exam: Students can take the question paper home and write their answers.

On-Demand Exam: Students can take multiple exams at their convenience as a performance-based evaluation.

Open Questionnaire

Oral Exams

Quality Indicators: These will document learning objectives.

Monitoring Committee: A committee of education officials will be formed to oversee the evaluation process.

Changes in Grading

Grading methods for classes 1 to 8 will be revised. Currently, 75-100 percent marks are denoted by an A grade. The new system will introduce B, C, D, and E grades for marks below this range.

In addition to academic assessments, students’ abilities in arts and sports will also be evaluated. Class teachers will record each developmental stage of the child online, noting achieved learning objectives and areas for improvement.

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