Kochi Floods: High Court Area Drainage Project to Start Post-Monsoon

After nearly a year of delays, the Kerala government is expediting a drainage project to address waterlogging in the High Court area of Kochi, amidst concerns over frequent flash floods. According to sources in the irrigation department, the project, which aims to construct a proper drainage network and storm water inlets around the High Court, has now received technical sanction (TS).

Once the TS is granted, the tender for the project will be issued, but actual work will commence only after the monsoon season, an irrigation department official stated. The decision to grant TS was made by a committee comprising officials from the irrigation department and the State Disaster Management Authority.

This drainage initiative is part of Operation Breakthrough, a broader effort to mitigate urban flooding in Kochi. The project, costing Rs 4.5 crore and funded by the state disaster management, received administrative approval from the District Collector on July 11, 2023.

The fourth phase of Operation Breakthrough revealed that the existing roadside drains are inadequate due to their small cross sections and insufficient bed slopes, hindering proper water drainage. The new project will extend from High Court Gate No. 3 to the Mangalavanam canal, aiming to reduce flooding on MG Road by improving the flow of storm water.

The delay in completing Operation Breakthrough is partly blamed for the city’s flash floods. Kochi Mayor M Anilkumar announced that efforts are underway to expedite the widening of the Mullassery canal, a key component of the Breakthrough project. However, challenges in relocating the Kerala Water Authority’s pipeline are causing delays in the canal works.

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