Google Chrome Enhances Multitasking with New Minimised Custom Tabs Feature

Google Chrome unveiled a new feature for Android users called Minimised Custom Tabs, designed to streamline multitasking. Initially spotted on smartphones running Google Chrome 122 for Android in March, the feature has now been widely rolled out for devices using the latest version of the browser. With Minimised Custom Tabs, users can convert web pages into floating windows, enabling seamless navigation between native apps and web content.

In a blog post, Google explained that the Minimised Custom Tabs feature appears as a downward button on the top banner alongside the website name. Tapping this button transforms the tab into a floating picture-in-picture (PiP) window, facilitating multitasking across different surfaces. Users can easily restore the tab to its original size by tapping on the floating window, providing a fluid browsing experience. Developers utilizing Chrome Custom Tabs will automatically incorporate this functionality with Google Chrome for Android version 124 and onwards. Additionally, Google is reportedly experimenting with various artificial intelligence (AI) features on Chrome, potentially introducing innovations like the Circle to Search feature to the browser.

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