WhatsApp Tests ‘Favourites’ Chat Filter: What You Need to Know

WhatsApp is reportedly introducing a new feature called “Favourites” chat filter, aiming to simplify access to frequently used chats on its Android app. This development comes as part of WhatsApp’s ongoing efforts to enhance user experience and streamline chat management. The feature is currently in the testing phase and is being rolled out to select users who are part of the Google Play Beta Program. Once deployed, users included in the beta testing program will have the opportunity to explore and evaluate the functionality of the new feature firsthand.

According to reports from feature tracker WABetaInfo, the “Favourites” chat filter is included in WhatsApp beta version for Android. This feature enables users to categorize and prioritize their preferred chats using a dedicated filter, providing a convenient way to locate and access important conversations amidst a sea of messages. While WhatsApp already offers a chat pinning feature, allowing users to pin up to three chats for quick access, the introduction of the “Favourites” filter extends this functionality further by enabling users to organize more chats based on their preferences.

The “Favourites” chat filter is designed to simplify the process of finding and engaging with contacts and groups that matter most to users. With the ability to manually add contacts to the “Favourites” list and customize the order of chats, users can tailor their chat interface to suit their individual communication needs. As this feature is currently undergoing beta testing, it may take some time before it becomes available to all beta testers. However, once rolled out, users can expect a more streamlined chat management experience on WhatsApp for Android.

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