Dubai Implements New Shopping Rules

As of June 1, residents and tourists in Dubai must adhere to new regulations when embarking on a shopping spree. The Dubai Municipality has implemented strict measures to reduce plastic waste and promote a recycling culture within the community. As part of these efforts, single-use bags will no longer be available from commercial outlets.

The restrictions specifically target thin plastic, paper, and biodegradable bags that are below 57 micrometres, as well as cups, bowls, and lids made of Styrofoam. However, there is no ban on bags thicker than 58 micrometres or the use of garbage disposal covers for fish and vegetables in supermarkets. Violators of these regulations will face fines starting at Dh200, with repeat offenders facing fines of up to 2000 dirhams.

To comply with the new regulations, authorities recommend the use of reusable cloth bags and encourage the use of paper bags as an alternative to plastic. Many supermarkets, such as AL Maya Group, have already begun transitioning to paper bags instead of plastic. While these paper bags will be available to shoppers, a small fee may be charged for their use.

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