Anti-Government Sentiment Behind CPM and LDF Setback

The CPM finds itself in a precarious situation, losing ground across Kerala in the recent elections. The anticipated anti-government sentiment materialized more intensely than expected, even in stronghold constituencies like Vadakara. The LDF and CPM have failed to secure positions in key areas such as Kollam, Wayanad, and Idukki. Despite efforts to attract minority votes, the election results reveal that both majority and minority groups have turned against the CPM. Political observers suggest that even in Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan’s home turf of Kannur, a strong anti-government sentiment contributed to the Left Front’s decline.

Opposition among government employees to the CPM’s policies has played a significant role in this setback. Concerns about a looming financial crisis in Kerala, compounded by issues like delayed salaries and pensions, have fueled dissatisfaction. The situation with KSRTC employees, who often do not receive their salaries on time, exemplifies the broader discontent. Additionally, the youth, once hopeful about the CPM and LDF, have distanced themselves due to controversial practices such as nepotism in job appointments, highlighted by the actions of the PSC. High-profile scandals, such as the one involving the SFI and the death of a veterinary college student, have further tarnished the party’s image.

Economic issues have also contributed to the LDF’s downfall. The suspension of welfare pensions, rising prices of essential goods, and supply shortages at Maveli stores have aggravated public dissatisfaction. The lavish overseas trips by the chief minister and other ministers, under the guise of the “Nava Kerala” campaign, have alienated voters. The leadership of Pinarayi Vijayan in the LDF’s campaign was starkly contrasted by the involvement of figures like Prime Minister Modi and Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge, who led successful campaigns. The UDF’s significant gains in Kerala indicate a clear rejection of Vijayan’s leadership. Additionally, the EP controversy, which erupted just before polling, further undermined the LDF, with accusations of collusion with the BJP exacerbating the party’s decline.

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