Instagram Testing 5-Second Unskippable Ad Breaks Feature

Instagram is reportedly testing a new feature called “Ad Breaks” that introduces short, unskippable ads, according to recent Reddit posts. While Meta, Instagram’s parent company, has not officially disclosed any details about this test, users on Reddit forums have reported encountering these unskippable ads. The news has sparked discontent among many users, with some considering leaving the platform in favor of alternative social media apps.

Ad Breaks Feature on Instagram

A Reddit user, @notthatogwiththename, shared about the introduction of the Ad Break feature, which brings unskippable ads for select users. The post received numerous comments from users who were frustrated by the lack of prior notice about this feature. One user expressed relief at finding information on Reddit, stating they felt “crazy” for experiencing unskippable ads without any official announcement.

Screenshots shared by users show three to five-second ads interrupting their browsing on the app. Feedback attempts to Instagram about this feature reportedly yielded no results, leaving users dissatisfied. Many comments on the Reddit post indicate a desire to leave Instagram and switch to other social media platforms if the Ad Breaks continue. One user mentioned closing the app whenever an ad break appeared, while another criticized the lack of research before implementing the feature.

New Additions to Notes

In addition to the controversial Ad Breaks, Instagram recently introduced new features to its Notes function. Notes now include “Notes Prompts,” where users see questions and musings they can respond to. The “Quick Likes” feature allows users to quickly react to their friends’ and followers’ notes, and the new tagging feature lets them tag friends using the ‘@’ symbol.

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