Thumping Victory For Suresh Gopi in Thrissur Lok Sabha Election 2024

The 2024 Lok Sabha elections marked a historic moment for Malayalam actor-turned-politician Suresh Gopi, who achieved a decisive victory in the Thrissur constituency. With an impressive lead of 75,079 votes, Suresh Gopi secured 4,09,239 votes as of the latest Election Commission records at 3.15 pm. His closest competitor, LDF’s V S Sunil Kumar, trailed with 3,34,160 votes, marking a significant gap. This win not only represents the first victory for the BJP in Kerala but also introduces Suresh Gopi as the state’s first MP-elect.

Suresh Gopi’s journey in Thrissur has been remarkable. The BJP first contested the Thrissur seat in 1989, managing to secure only 5.35% of the votes. This modest performance was consistent across the state for the party over the next several elections. However, a notable shift occurred in 2019 when Suresh Gopi’s candidacy brought a significant change in the political dynamics of the region. His popularity and effective campaign strategies have now culminated in a landmark victory.

In a conversation with ANI, Suresh Gopi expressed his elation over his win in the Thrissur constituency. He described the victory as a culmination of an emotional journey spanning seven years. “I am in a totally ecstatic mood. What was very impossible became gloriously possible… it was not a 62-day campaign process, it was an emotional carriage for the past 7 years… I work for Kerala as a whole. My first pick will be to have AIIMS,” he stated, underscoring his commitment to bringing significant development to the state.

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