Ensuring Food Safety While Dining Out: Essential Tips

Many people enjoy dining out due to busy schedules and the convenience it offers. However, frequent reports of food poisoning have raised concerns for those who love restaurant cuisine. To ensure the safety of your food, it’s crucial to follow these guidelines:

When Purchasing Parcelled Food:

Avoid leaving food in the parcel for more than one hour.

Purchase only the amount of food you need at a time.

Immediately separate cold items (such as mayonnaise, ketchup, and chutney) from hot food upon receiving the parcel.

Refrain from reheating and cooling food more than once.

Avoid repeated use of mayonnaise and ketchup stored in the fridge. Consume items like mayonnaise within an hour of purchase to prevent contamination.

Do not consume food that has been left uncovered.

Discard any food that shows signs of spoilage such as unusual taste, smell, color, or staleness.

Any complaints regarding food safety should be reported to the Food Safety Department.

For Hoteliers:

Note the date, time of preparation, and ‘use by time’ on every packet of parcelled food.

Serve food in food-grade containers.

Exercise the same level of care in serving the food as in preparing it.

Ensure employees handling food wear gloves, masks, and head caps.

Cooks should wear overalls and head caps.

Avoid direct contact with the food being served.

Clean the kitchen before and after cooking, refraining from cleaning during food preparation.

Restrict access to the kitchen for individuals with health problems.

Employees must obtain a medical certificate every six months.

Use only clean water for cooking.

Have the water tested once every six months by authorized institutions.

By adhering to these guidelines, both consumers and hoteliers can significantly reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses and ensure a safer dining experience.

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