YouTube Introduces Dream Screen Feature for Shorts: AI-Generated Green Screen Images

YouTube is rolling out a new experimental feature called Dream Screen for its minute-long vertical video format, Shorts. This feature utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to add custom green screen images to videos, catering to users who wish to incorporate creative backgrounds that align with their content. The AI-generated backgrounds aim to help users stand out or enhance the thematic elements of their videos. While the specifics of this feature are still being tested, YouTube has mentioned that users can provide a text prompt describing their desired background, with the AI instantly generating it for them. However, details such as whether the background addition is available during recording or for pre-recorded videos, and whether a physical green screen is necessary, remain unclear.

The rollout of Dream Screen is currently limited to a select group of Shorts creators as part of YouTube’s experimentation phase. However, the company plans to expand access to more creators later in 2023. This innovative feature underscores YouTube’s commitment to enhancing the creative capabilities of its platform and providing users with new tools to produce engaging content. Additionally, YouTube recently made its Playables feature, offering access to a variety of free-to-play games, available to all users, further enriching the platform’s content offerings and user experience.

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