Embracing Biking: A Cost-Saving Trend Gains Traction in Dubai

A rising trend is gaining momentum among people, including expatriates, in Gulf countries, particularly in Dubai, where individuals are increasingly opting for bicycles as their primary mode of transportation to work. This shift in commuting habits is not only driven by the desire for exercise but also by the prospect of significant cost savings.

Many expatriates have found that by cycling to work, they can save a substantial amount of money on transportation expenses. Mohsin Hasam Palija, a yacht captain living in Dubai, shared his experience of switching to biking for his daily commute, which has allowed him to save up to 700 dirhams, approximately Rs 16,000, per month. Previously, Palija used taxis for his eight-kilometer journey to work, spending a considerable sum on transportation. However, after embracing biking and renting a bicycle through a bike-sharing app, he managed to slash his monthly travel expenses to just 420 dirhams.

This cost-saving trend is not only beneficial for individuals’ wallets but also contributes to reducing air pollution and alleviating traffic congestion in the city. As more people opt for bicycles, it signifies a shift towards sustainable and environmentally friendly modes of transportation in Dubai.

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