Netflix to End Support for Older Apple TV Models in July

Netflix users with older Apple TV models may need to brace themselves for a change as the popular streaming service is reportedly set to drop support for these devices next month. According to reports on Reddit, Netflix is planning to sunset support for Apple TV (2nd generation) and Apple TV (3rd generation) starting July 31. The move is said to be aimed at focusing on newer models and providing users with the latest features, including redesigned icons and a revamped home screen.

In an email shared by a Reddit user on the Apple TV subreddit, Netflix informed users about the upcoming end of support for the older Apple TV models. The email stated that the decision was made to ensure viewers have the best possible viewing experience. Speculation among users suggests that this could potentially lead to a complete shutdown of the Netflix app on these devices.

It’s worth noting that all the Apple devices losing Netflix support have already been classified as “obsolete” by Apple. This term is applied to devices that have not been distributed for more than seven years, and Apple does not provide hardware service or repair parts for them. The Apple TV (2nd generation) was launched in 2010, while the Apple TV (3rd generation) debuted in 2012, both running on an early version of iOS rather than the later tvOS.

As Netflix prepares to discontinue support for these older Apple TV models, users may need to consider upgrading to newer devices to continue enjoying the streaming service seamlessly.

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