Kerala Sees Soaring Vegetable Prices; Green Chillies and Tomatoes Hit Record Highs

Residents of Kerala are grappling with an unprecedented spike in vegetable prices across the state. Essential items like green chillies, tomatoes, snake gourd, beans, broad beans, and cauliflower have surged in cost, increasing by Rs 10-50 within a week.

Among the various vegetables, green chillies and tomatoes, staples in most dishes, have experienced the most dramatic price hikes. In Ernakulam, long green chillies are now sold at Rs 140-150 per kg, with some areas reporting even higher prices. Round chillies range between Rs 145-155 per kg. Tomatoes have skyrocketed to Rs 80-100 per kg, a Rs 40 increase in just one week. Supermarkets and hypermarkets are reportedly charging even more. Other vegetables have also seen significant price rises, with ginger at Rs 200 per kg and beans at Rs 180 per kg. Smaller increases are noted in the prices of potatoes, onions, and brinjal.

The steep price increases are attributed to the low availability of vegetables and reduced production in neighboring states like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh, which are the main suppliers of vegetables to Kerala. Harsh summer conditions have damaged crops, and early rains have further disrupted production. Traders caution that if these market conditions persist, further significant hikes in vegetable prices are inevitable. However, there has been a slight decrease in the prices of carrots, beetroot, and plantains recently.

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