India Captain Rohit Sharma Injured During Practice Ahead of T20 World Cup Clash with Pakistan

India’s cricket captain, Rohit Sharma, was hit on his left thumb during a net session as the team prepares for their highly anticipated T20 World Cup match against Pakistan. Despite the injury, Rohit resumed practice after receiving immediate medical attention.

The match is scheduled to take place at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium on Sunday. During practice, the 37-year-old skipper sustained the blow, prompting the team’s medical staff to rush to his aid. After a quick check-up, Rohit continued batting in the nets with full intensity.

The pitch at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium, located in New York, has been criticized for its uneven and slow outfield. India started their campaign on this pitch with an 8-wicket victory against Ireland, where Rohit scored 52 runs off 37 balls. However, his innings was cut short due to an injury, forcing him to leave the crease after the 10th over.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) acknowledged the issues with the pitch, stating that the grounds team is working hard to provide better surfaces for the remaining matches. The stadium uses a drop-in pitch, prepared elsewhere and installed before the game. The ICC assured that efforts are being made to deliver the best possible playing conditions for the tournament.

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