WhatsApp Business Enhances User Experience with AI Chatbot and Meta Verified Badge

WhatsApp Business is introducing several new features aimed at improving user interactions, with India being one of the initial markets to receive these updates. Among the key additions is a significant AI upgrade designed to assist business owners in automating their communication processes more intelligently. This AI-powered chatbot, announced during a recent event in São Paulo, promises to streamline customer inquiries and responses efficiently.

Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, has been actively deploying AI-powered chatbots across its platforms, including WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger. Leveraging its Llama-3 AI model, Meta aims to equip WhatsApp Business users with enhanced capabilities, enabling them to address customer queries promptly and offer tailored assistance. This AI assistant, currently in testing, is expected to debut in India and Singapore, with Brazil slated for subsequent rollout.

Furthermore, WhatsApp Business accounts will now feature Meta Verified badges, akin to those seen on Facebook and Instagram. These badges, denoted by a white checkmark within a green starburst circle, signify businesses registered with Meta and receiving specialized support. This visual cue aims to enhance consumer trust and credibility for businesses, with the badges already appearing in select markets like India, Brazil, Indonesia, and Colombia.

Additionally, Meta is exploring a calling functionality for WhatsApp Business accounts, facilitating direct communication between customers and larger businesses. While a specific timeline for this feature’s launch remains undisclosed, Meta envisions it as a means for businesses to address customer needs swiftly and efficiently, further enriching the user experience on WhatsApp Business.

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