Kerala’s 52-Day Trawling Ban Starts Midnight June 9

Starting from midnight on June 9, Kerala will enforce a 52-day trawling ban to protect marine fisheries during the monsoon. The ban, ending on July 31, restricts fishing trawlers to at least 12 nautical miles from the coast, with strict penalties for violators. Traditional fishermen using canoes and inboard boats are exempt from this ban.

The monsoon season is the breeding period for important fish species like oil sardines, making the ban crucial for preserving fish populations. During this time, the state government will provide free rations to trawlers and related workers. District Collectors will ensure boats from other states leave the coastal areas before the ban begins.

Marine Enforcement and Coastal Police will relocate trawling boats to safe areas by June 9 evening. Authorities will monitor compliance, with penalties for those breaking the ban. Coastal Police and Fisheries officials will maintain vigilance to ensure adherence to the regulations.

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