Opposition Criticizes Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan Over Remarks on Priest

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan faced sharp criticism from the Congress and BJP after calling a priest “ignorant” for his comments on the Left’s defeat in the Lok Sabha elections. Congress leader Ramesh Chennithala sarcastically labeled Vijayan as “the most knowledgeable” person who frequently disrespects priests. BJP’s V Muraleedharan highlighted that Vijayan’s remark exemplifies his intolerance towards dissent, referencing a past incident where Vijayan had insulted a bishop.

KPCC chief K Sudhakaran demanded an apology from Vijayan to the priest and the Christian community. Chennithala argued that political figures should handle criticism calmly, questioning the appropriateness of labeling critics as “wretched creatures” or “ignorant.” Muraleedharan echoed this sentiment, stating that Vijayan’s unchanged attitude reflects his ongoing intolerance, and pointed out that the priest’s comments mirrored the public’s dissatisfaction with the LDF.

The controversy began when Geevarghese Coorilos, former Metropolitan of Niranam Diocese, criticized the LDF on Facebook, leading Vijayan to call him “ignorant.” Coorilos, a known Left supporter, reiterated his commitment to the Left front and stated his criticism stemmed from the anti-incumbency sentiment among the public. Despite the backlash, Coorilos chose not to respond to Vijayan’s personal remarks, maintaining that his initial post encapsulated his views.

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