Fluctuating Tomato and Onion Prices Create Market Dynamics Across India

In a significant development, the cost of tomatoes has experienced a considerable decline throughout the country. On Monday, tomato prices at the MGR market in Coimbatore ranged between Rs 25 to Rs 30, providing substantial relief to consumers.

This drop in tomato prices can be attributed to an upswing in production. The previous month saw tomato prices reaching an unexpected high of Rs 120 per kg, catching consumers off guard. Although prices have gradually decreased in subsequent weeks, concerns lingered as the Onam season approached. Merchants anticipate a further reduction in prices in the upcoming weeks due to increased production.

Meanwhile, the central government has faced backlash for imposing a 40 percent export tax on onions. Farmers in Maharashtra expressed their dissatisfaction with this decision, asserting that the elevated export duty on onions, coupled with lower prices in the domestic market, would lead to financial losses for them. Consequently, the cost of onions, currently resting at Rs 28 per kg, is projected to surge in the near future.

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